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7 Best Tools for Diamond Art Painting

7 best tools for diamond art painting

Diamond art painting, also known as diamond painting or 5D diamond painting, is a fun and creative craft that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves using small resin rhinestones, also known as drills, to create stunning mosaic-like artworks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the 7 best tools for diamond art painting that will help you achieve better results and elevate your diamond art to a whole new level.

If you’re a diamond art enthusiast or a beginner looking to try out this enjoyable hobby, having the right tools can make a significant difference in your artistic journey.

Sure — some people believe that you need nothing more than some wax and an applicator tool to make your first diamond art piece; along with all of the stuff from your favorite diamond art kit, of course. However, in reality — there are plenty of other tools that you could make use of.

Plus, if you’re somewhat of a beginner in this art field — you will find that it’s quite easy to become confused regarding all of the different accessories and tools that you actually need. Considering that, you may not know what you need to buy and what’s included in the kits. No need to worry, though — we’ve got a guide on all of this right here!

7 Best Tools for Diamond Art Painting – What You Need

Most Important Supplies for Diamond Painting

When it comes to the basic supplies you need for diamond painting — we’ve got a tour of the basic accessories you’ll want to buy before starting your first diamond art project.

Pens and Drills

Before you think about anything else regarding your diamond painting — you’ll need to think about the applicator pen that you’ll use for it. And while you may not know what kind of choices you have in this niche right away — there are two main types that you can pick from.

We’re talking about wax pens and drill pens. And don’t worry, we’ll explain how both of these types work. First of all, the diamond drill pens are definitely your most traditional choice here. In fact, it’s pretty much the default applicator pen — these are almost always included in the diamond painting kits that you buy.

This kind of pen is used in a straightforward way — you dip it into glue or wax, and then touch the diamond drill and pick it up. And then, all that’s left is to place it upon its position on your canvas.

On the other hand, the wax pens are somewhat more practical — in the sense that you don’t need to dip them in anything, as their ends apply some wax onto your diamond drills naturally. That means you’ve got one step less to do in your diamond art painting process; though, once you notice that there’s not enough wax coming out, you’ll need to sharpen them before proceeding.

There’s also a third option that you can think about — a wheel pick-up kind of pen. With this pen, you’ve got the end of the pen which contains an adhesive wheel. This wheel is what you use to quickly pick up your diamonds; you do so by rolling the wheel across the surface where you’ve scattered them. Plus, you can proceed to roll it on another empty surface afterward and remove them.

Though, bear in mind that all diamond art kits come with some sort of adhesive; so regardless of the kind of applicator pen you buy separately, you probably won’t need to buy wax and glue as well.

Light Pads

There are plenty of accessories that aren’t necessary for the successful completion of a diamond art painting project — but they definitely make the process a lot more fun. And on that list, a light pad for diamond art painting should definitely be one of your priorities.

First of all, the main purpose of the light pad is to provide illumination for all of your diamond drills from below, allowing for a truly dazzling display. However, and perhaps more importantly; this makes diamond art painting easier for people who suffer from bad vision and eye strain. With this, you won’t have to try as hard to see every individual piece.

Also, you’ll be more efficient and more accurate — because you’ll be able to ensure that every single diamond drill is in its appropriate place; there will be far fewer mistakes and corrections to be made. Indeed, these light pads are hugely practical; especially if you get one that’s battery-powered.

These are usually quite compact and thin, allowing for easy transport and efficient storage. Though, bear in mind that there are also models that don’t have batteries but are powered by USB cables instead. However, that’s not much of a problem; seeing as most of us have a laptop or a power bank handy nearby while we’re at home.

Plus, if you get one of the more modern models — you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of LED lighting. In other words, you won’t have to worry about headaches and eye strain from the light either; a particularly handy feature for individuals who have issues like migraines.

Plus, LED light pads have a much better lifespan too — with tens of thousands of hours of uninterrupted use. With a relatively small initial investment, you can enjoy an easier diamond art painting process for a long time!

Glue and Wax

As we have already mentioned above, all of the diamond art kits that you can find on the market include adhesives like wax and glue. And that’s only natural — it wouldn’t be much of a kit if it didn’t include the most basic accessories needed for diamond art painting.

Still, there are situations where you might want to get some extra glue yourself. And once you do, you’ll be able to apply it using the end of your pen. The point of this is to ensure that your diamond drills can be easily picked up and placed in their spots on the canvas. Plus, that way there’s absolutely no need to apply additional glue after picking up the drill.

Easels and Craft Tables

One of the most important parts of having the best possible environments for your diamond art painting is knowing where you’ll be working. With that in mind, one of the finest accessories to buy for your diamond art studio is an easel or a craft table. And as you choose one of these to buy, you should bear a couple of factors in mind.

When it comes to craft tables — make sure that you can adjust their height and angles. The latter will ensure that you don’t have to be hunched over your table as you work on the diamond painting; after all, there’s absolutely no need to experience neck pain just because you wanted to create some art! And the height adjustability is great because it allows you to enjoy maximum comfort while dabbling in this hobby, regardless of your stature.

Apart from this, you should also consider what kind of surface your craft table will have. Seeing as you may want to use lighting below the surface of the diamond painting — ideally, a glass table would be the most useful. That makes it much easier to install a light below to provide you with maximum visibility while you work.

Furthermore, try to see if there are tables with storage compartments available. That’s a very handy feature to use, seeing as it allows you to store your pens and beads in a place that’s both safe and nearby; allowing you to reach for them at any time during your diamond art project. Plus, it allows you to quickly store all of the materials for the diamond painting, which can be crucial if you’ve got a household with small children or pets that could otherwise put the diamond drills in their mouths and swallow them.

Also, if you’re getting a drawing board or easel, ensure that it’s one that tilts — this will definitely allow you to avoid any neck strain or bad posture. Plus, if you have a drawing board that’s adjustable — you can use it with pretty much any kind of table you’ve already got in your home. Some people don’t have the room to get an entirely separate table for this hobby, or they simply prefer using their kitchen table because it offers lots of light or a warm environment. At the end of the day, this kind of drawing board or easel simply gives you the most versatility.


Here’s another accessory for diamond art painting that you’re bound to find incredibly useful. Naturally, we’re talking about a magnifier. And make no mistake — seeing as this is a task that requires plenty of precise hand-eye coordination, you’re more than likely to need it .

This tool will provide you with the clearest possible scope and simultaneously huge level of detail while you work with your tiny diamond drill. There are even foldable magnifiers that include small led lights — further improving your vision of small objects.

Diamond Trays

When you buy a diamond art kit, one of the things that you’re likely to receive with it is a tiny tray that serves to keep your gems close together and readily at hand. However, if you have a couple of different projects or simply too many gems — you may want to get a larger diamond tray. There are plenty of trays with handy dividers and steel tweezers, specifically made for these diamond drills.

Diamond Art Frames

Many of the diamond painting accessories that we’ve mentioned here serve to help you as you work on your diamond art masterpiece. However — there are some that are supposed to improve its aesthetics once it’s done. And on that list, the frame for the painting definitely takes a premiere spot.

There are plenty of different sizes to choose from, depending on the dimensions of your painting. Firstly, the easiest ones to obtain are standard-sized frames. These are the ones that you can buy at pretty much any art supply store. Once you’re there, you’ll also be able to pick out frame styles that match both the painting itself and your household decor.

That being said, remember that plenty of diamond paintings aren’t actually in the standard sizes of regular paintings. And when you do frame the painting, you may want to think about not using a glass pane as a cover; while it protects your painting, it will also dull the diamonds’ vibrancy somewhat.

Next up, there’s also a stretcher bar frame — this is also an excellent option when it comes to framing diamond art. The best thing about these is that you can also get these in all kinds of sizes and shapes. Of course, you will first want to do some measuring of your diamond art piece to ensure that it will be able to stretch beyond the edge of the frame. Plus, you will need to use staples and a nail gun to do this properly.

Naturally, you could always just use a regular art canvas for mounting your piece of diamond art. You simply need to find a canvas that’s about two inches shorter in width and length compared to the canvas of the diamond art, so that it can easily be stretched around it. After that, feel free to use craft glue to cover the back of your canvas. Then, press this glued canvas onto the canvas of your diamond art piece and trim any remaining edges. Now you can hang it, as long as everything has thoroughly dried.

7 Best Tools for Diamond Art Painting FAQs

Q: How do I get started with diamond art painting?

A: To get started with diamond art painting, you’ll need a diamond art kit, which typically includes a canvas, drills, an applicator pen, and a wax pad. Choose a design you like, and begin by applying wax to the applicator pen’s tip to pick up the drills. Place each drill onto the corresponding symbol on the canvas until your artwork is complete.

Q: Can children engage in diamond art painting?

A: Absolutely! Diamond art painting is a family-friendly craft that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. However, adult supervision may be required for younger children due to the small rhinestones involved.

Q: What is the difference between 3D and 5D diamond art painting?

A: The terms 3D and 5D diamond art painting are often used interchangeably, but they refer to the same craft. The “3D” or “5D” aspect highlights the visual effect achieved when light reflects off the diamond drills, creating a three-dimensional illusion on the artwork.

Q: How can I ensure all the drills are sticking to the canvas securely?

A: Press down gently but firmly on each drill after placing it on the canvas to ensure it adheres properly. You can also use a rolling pin or a flat, smooth surface to apply even pressure on the entire canvas, ensuring all drills are secure.

Q: Can I create my own diamond art designs?

A: While diamond art kits usually come with pre-designed canvases, you can also create your own custom designs. Many online platforms offer tools to turn personal photos or artwork into diamond art patterns.

Q: How do I clean my diamond applicator pen?

A: To clean your diamond applicator pen, gently remove any excess wax or adhesive using a soft, damp cloth. Make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they may damage the pen.

7 Best Tools for Diamond Art Painting – Wrapping Up

Diamond art painting is an enjoyable and creative activity that lets you unwind while creating stunning masterpieces. With the right tools, your diamond art projects will be more enjoyable and yield impressive results. The seven best tools for diamond art painting, including diamond applicator pens, high-quality drills, sturdy canvases, sorting trays, light pads, tweezers, and sealing materials, will elevate your diamond art journey and turn it into a delightful artistic endeavor. So, gather your supplies, choose a beautiful design, and let your creativity sparkle with the mesmerizing world of diamond art painting!

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